Total Lunar Eclipse July 28th

eclipse moon

Star gazer and meditators alike, prepare yourself for this Saturday’s Total Lunar Eclipse/ July full moon, it’s going to be a ripper!!! The July full moon, known as “Full Buck Moon” is estimated around 6.20am. The second and last total lunar eclipse for 2018 will be visible in large areas of Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. It will last a total of 103 minutes making it the longest Eclipse of the 21st Century! This July full moon is known as the “Full Buck Moon” because it is normally the month when the antlers of the Buck Deer push out of their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur. It has also been known as “Full Thunder Moon” because thunderstorms are most common during this time.

With Mars in Retrograde, Mars will have an extremely strong influence on this full moon. Mars is a powerful driving voice, its energy is masculine and very yang and usually very action-orientated and driven. However, with the combined influence of the Eclipse and Mars in retrograde, its effect could be explosive. Think of an exploding volcano overspilling with anger, impatience, frustration. Beware of exploding volcanoes close to you and within you during this time.  This eclipse is likely to be the “breaking point” or the “rubber band snapping” if it has been overstretched for far too long. Overstretched with emotions and repressed anger will bring the past into the present during this Eclipse. It may feel like the things you have repressed from the past are occurring right here and now and repressed feelings will come up to the surface in a frenzied rage. Be gentle with yourself, heal your deepest pains and hurts and transform yourself into a stronger, wiser, powerful and more balanced you. It is likely that repressed anger issues, repressed love issues and experiences of sexual violence may rear their ugly head to help lead you to the place you are travelling to.

This Lunar Eclipse will see an up rise of divine feminine energy. It will help to clear outdated labels and roles that may have adhered to women in the past to create a wonderful new energy of the Feminine which is rich in wisdom, intelligence, creativity transformation and newness. Perhaps we need to allow our Volcano to spill out to release the hot fiery lava that no longer serves us in order to have a fresh new start with reprogramming all that fills us. Key words here “that fills us”- not our female stereotype. Lunar Eclipses always provide a powerful opening for those who really want to transform and release deep-seated wounds from the past, and often the very past- past lives. Lunar Eclipses provide the power to help you move beyond your fears to address any negative patterns, behaviours and traits without you feeling vulnerable and incomplete. You will go beyond fear and step into your power to address these areas otherwise tucked away in an iddy biddy corner. The old shadow self gets addressing at long last! The best way to use the powerful transforming energy of an Eclipse is to Eclipse anything that may hold you back from achieving.

The energy of love will be prominent during this Lunar Eclipse due to the influence of Aquarius. The ability to love freely and unconditionally without an jealousy, spite or possessiveness will flow — just wholesome eternal love. No ego, just eternal love flooding humanity.  Take time to send love to those whom you may have previously judged, loved less or used your ego to inadvertently create a wedge between unconditional love, yourself and them. When we accept and love others for who they are and the decisions they make, we detach from perceived personal hurt, as we are removing ourselves from the picture by giving into our own ego and working from a place of unconditional love. A transcendence of Ego is what can be achieved during this time which will allow humanity to heal, grow and to continue to create perpetual love and healing. Love is the most divine healing force ever.

I urge you to use this Lunar Eclipse and Full moon this Saturday and feel its amazing force. Cleanse your home, your mind body and soul and watch how things will align. Take out your crystal wands and pieces and allow them to be cleansed and reprogrammed as well under this universal magic.

Staying Well This Winter!

Do you know how Vitamin B and meditation can control and boost your mood?

During winter we tend to spend more time indoors away from nature and the things that we generally get satisfaction. This can cause our chakras to become blocked and out of alignment which in turn affects our mood, our energy and our emotions.

Depression, feeling constantly fatigued and moody is a challenge we often face during winter. With decreased social time and outdoor connection, we can become stuck in that web. Often this leaves people thinking that there’s something wrong with them, that they’re going crazy or that all hope is lost. A visit to the GP may determine a level of depression setting in and although this may be the case, you can assist or reverse these symptoms through diet and meditation. Anti-depressants or mood stabilisers are designed to control your neurotransmitters which actually numbs the messages from the neurotransmitters and does not actually change the root cause of  depression .

Neurotransmitters naturally send signals throughout your body to influence your emotions. The three neurotransmitters of importance here are serotonin, adrenaline and dopamine, these are all influenced by levels of different B Vitamins. Let’s have a look at  the roles of different B vitamins and how they can boost your mood.

Thiamine (Vitamin B1)
Vitamin B1 maintains levels of serotonin which is involved in emotion and mood regulation. Low levels of serotonin can lead to depression, anxiety, poor sleep and weight gain.

Niacin (Vitamin B3)
Vitamin B3 is converted in the brain into serotonin and dopamine

Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5)
Vitamin B5 is really important for keeping your adrenal glands healthy. It produces adrenaline and also acetylcholine which is important for memory. As such, lack of vitamin B5 is often associated with fatigue, memory problems and depression.

Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6)
Vitamin B6 boosts levels of serotonin and dopamine as it acts as a necessary helper in the process of turning other chemicals into these neurotransmitters.

Folate (B9)
Converted into a molecule needed to produce neurotransmitters. Low levels of folate are associated with depression, poor memory and lack of energy.

Getting into the practise of daily Meditation will also assist your moods. The deep rest state produced by meditation triggers the brain to release neurotransmitters, including dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins. Each of these naturally occurring brain chemicals has been linked to different aspects of happiness:

  • Dopamine plays a key role in the brain’s ability to experience pleasure, feel rewarded, and maintain focus.
  • Serotonin has a calming effect. It eases tension and helps us feel less stressed and more relaxed and focused.  Low levels of this neurotransmitter have been linked to migraines, anxiety, bipolar disorder, apathy, feelings of worthlessness, fatigue, and insomnia.
  • Oxytocin (the same chemical whose levels rise during sexual arousal and breastfeeding), is a pleasure hormone. It creates feelings of calm, contentment, and security, while reducing fear and anxiety.
  • Endorphins are the chemicals that create the exhilaration and are responsible for making you feel happy and elated.

These neurotransmitters play many roles related to wellbeing, including decreasing feelings of pain as well as reducing the side effects of stress. So Meditate daily and monitor your Vitamin B intake to combat the winter blues and to shake off that depressing mood!


Couple Meditation – Strengthening your connection

Couples Meditation

Couples Meditation- Reconnecting and strengthening your relationship
Couples Meditation- Reconnecting and strengthening your relationship


The beauty about meditation is that it can be adapted to suit whatever you are experiencing. The past few months has seen a rise in couples counselling at Hawk Therapies Wellness Centre. We have effectively delivered programs through Meditation, Holistic Counselling and Life Coaching to guide and empower couples to look beyond the circumstances to find balance and to restore their heart centres.

Couples meditation is a great way to combine your healing and to recreate a positive and loving energy as a couple. We all go through tough times and we can inadvertently pick up negative energy from another. However if we adapt a mindful  awareness of how we feel and what it is that we are reacting to, we are able to effectively disengage from the associated stress response, or at the very least reduce it. Applying a meditative approach is an excellent way to do so

Below is a simple and fun meditation by Isabelle Cunningham that you can practice with others. It works in a group but it is especially nice for couples to practice together.

Simply sit opposite your loved one and hold hands. Look into each others eyes and take turns of saying the following three statements.

(First person) I Am Happy I AM
(Second person) I Am Blessed I AM
(First person) I Am Fortunate I AM
(Second person) I Am Happy I AM
(First person) I Am Blessed I AM
(Second person) I Am Fortunate I AM

So the three statements are simply
I Am Happy I AM
I Am Blessed I AM
I Am Fortunate I AM
You just keep saying them in rounds, in that order, so that each person gets a chance to say each one of the statements.

You can even do this while you are taking a walk together.

It can become a trigger for you both if one or the other starts sliding into negativity. So that one partner will simply say “I Am Happy I AM” prompting their partner to reply with “I Am Blessed I AM” and so it goes!

This mantra helps us to focus and tune out of the minds ‘chatter’. It also uses very powerful statements to reprogram the brain with positive mindsets.

Do this mantra meditation as often as you can, together and alone. You could even teach your children to play it with you. Imagine driving along in the car and hearing your children chanting these beautiful words.

It is fun because you have to remember which statement you are up to when it is your turn (as there is a specific order.)

It is a beautiful way to share time with people you love and it has great psychological benefits.

It is also one of those things that gets stuck in your head and so you will find yourself chanting these beautiful life affirming words in all sorts of moments.

This meditation can also be practiced in a group where you go around the circle taking turns to say the statements in order.

I hope you have fun with it!




Much of the pain and suffering we experience in our lives is a result of old belief systems we have stored away in our unconscious minds. In many ways the unconscious mind is like a library where ideas have been filed like books waiting to be referred to, when an answer, a solution or a response is required.

These belief systems are not always in alignment with our intelligent mind. In fact, if we were able to really look at them clearly and pull them apart, we would think most of them to be ridiculous. This is because most of them were formed before we were five years old and have been kept unaltered for all these years, jumping off the shelves and dictating our actions, thoughts and responses before our intelligent mind even has time to assess the situation.

For example, if you had a parent that often ignored you as a child, you may have concluded that your parent did not like you or that you were unimportant or even unlovable. This information may have been stored away in your unconscious library, ready to be called upon every time anyone ever ignored you or even seemed to be ignoring you, for the rest of your life.

So that when a lover does not answer us straight away, or a friend does not return our text as fast as we want them to, the old belief system can be triggered. Our unconscious mind connects to the old story and we immediately start to feel rejected, unloved or whatever we felt as a little child when our parent was not giving us the attention we needed.

This is not something our intelligent, conscious mind concludes. It is an old belief system that we can often be completely unaware even exists for us. But do we really want a five-year-olds’ ideas to be guiding our lives as adults?

This process for storing belief systems in the reactionary unconscious mind, is a fool proof way of helping us gather important information that will keep us alive. When we are little and our unconscious mind is in that early stage, it is collecting reference material for the future like, don’t cross the road without looking, fire burns, dont run with scissors, etc. These are all good belief systems but the way our lifestyles have evolved means that we have also stored a lot of information that is not necessarily true and often more destructive than helpful.

In the situation above, where we were little children, who have concluded that we are unlovable because our parent ignored us, we have adopted a story that is stored in the library of our unconscious mind. The story says people ignore us (or don’t listen, or don’t spend time with us, or whatever else) because they don’t like us, we are not acceptable, we are not valued, etcetera.

In fact, there could be many reasons our parent appeared to ignore us, that we, as little children had no concept of. Perhaps our parent was suffering from depression and didn’t know how to deal with the demands of a small child. Perhaps they had relationship problems or hated their job. Maybe they had financial problems and were preoccupied with worry. Perhaps they had belief systems of their own to do with spoiling children by giving them too much attention! There could have been hundreds of reasons and only one of those hundreds of possible reasons had anything at all to do with us not being loved, valued, wanted or acceptable.

Still the one we usually choose at that very young, self-centred and inexperienced age, is the one that is all about us. Then it gets locked away in our unconscious library and we use it as the “true story,” the reference point, for the rest of our lives. Until one fine day we realize, that belief system is not helping us or benefiting us at all. We realize that old story is, in fact, hurting us; causing us to suffer, ruining our relationships, making us respond or behave in ways that are not in alignment with the way we want to behave, or feel is the best possible versions of ourselves.

As little children we believed that absolutely everything that ever happened was about us. So the conclusions we drew, as a result of our experiences, that formed our automatic belief systems were mostly about us. We were not capable of formulating belief systems that took everything being our fault or about us, out of the equation. This is why most of our unconscious belief systems (the reference books in our survival library) just don’t serve us very well today. They were all written by a small, inexperienced child who thought everything that ever happened and everything anyone else ever did was all, ultimately because of them.

If you have ever reacted in a way that made you question yourself or that you didn’t like or that made you feel out of control, then you were acting from your unconscious belief system. It is not the way your intelligent, experienced self would choose to act.

If you ever feel sad or depressed, angry or afraid and can’t really come up with a rational reason, it is probably because a story is running in your unconscious library which is causing you to associate with feelings you experienced as a small child.

We don’t always live completely from these old belief systems and most times we are able to stop and think before we respond but when we are stressed, taken by surprised or the situation resembles the old childhood scenario a little too closely, the intelligent thinking mind is bypassed. The unconscious reference library jumps in to save us so fast that it completely avoided the logical thought process and BAM! We find ourselves acting like a child (either throwing a tantrum, sulking, hiding, whining, hitting out, overcome with fear or running away).

As we don’t have a list of all the thousands of belief systems we have stored away, that have been wrongly recorded and that jump out and take us over like some sort of Mr Hyde, it may seem difficult to start getting rid of those ones that do not serve us.

However there is a very simple and effective formula we can use to help us identify and change these old erroneous belief systems and live happier, more positive and less reactive lives.

Hawk Therapies Wellness Centre offers one on one consultations with clients who wish to reprogram negative belief systems in order to flow through life with happiness and abundance. These sessions will enable you to identify where the negative programming originated and effectively reverse it, allowing the positive life flow to take you to where you really need to be.


For more information, contact Hawk Therapies Wellness Centre via our website

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Reprinted with permission from Dr Cunningham  

How Detox Can Benefit You!

Why Detoxification is Critical for the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Conditions

In our modern world we live amongst a sea of toxins in our air, water, food supply and even in our homes. Hazardous chemicals are in household cleaning supplies and thousands of personal care products (including antiperspirant, mouthwash and tampons) with no label warnings whatsoever.

Prescription and over the counter drugs, poor quality supplements are toxic and often contain artificial chemical additives. Poisonous heavy metals from numerous environmental sources are another concern, and electromagnetic fields are everywhere. The bombardment of daily toxins from almost every place imaginable can have many adverse effects and take a toll on our health overtime.

Nearly all of these chemicals damage our cells, weaken the body, create chronic illness, and can lead to cancer.


Many people roll their eyes at the thought or idea of detoxing but with so much garbage coming into our bodies, it is important to be taking out the ‘cellular trash’ on a regular and daily basis. This is what the cells of our bodies are designed to do through adequate sleep, movement, sweating, drinking enough clean water and consuming high water content foods (ie fruits and vegetables) among other things.

The cells of our body automatically cleanse and detoxify by eliminating accumulated waste products. If the body is unable to eliminate toxins fast enough, compared to the amount of toxic waste coming in, cells start malfunctioning and the disease process begins.

This is the underlying reason to detoxify. It is based on the principle that the accumulation of toxins greatly contributes to cellular damage and disease formation, and thus the elimination of toxins has the ability to prevent and even cure disease. Detoxification has been used for thousands of years (since the time of Hippocrates) and long before modern, pharmaceutical-based medicine became the accepted treatment for disease.

Detoxification protocols are widely used amongst alternative health practitioners. Water fasting (seen as extreme by some) rapidly detoxifies the body and is one of the oldest therapeutic practices used to cleanse and heal. Today we can use water fasting, juice fasting, raw food, elimination diets, colonics, enemas, infra-red saunas, essential oils, emotional release techniques, herbs, vitamins and minerals to detoxify the body.

Where you start or what method you choose depends on your comfort level, severity of your presenting symptoms and what you are aiming to achieve. Many people choose to be proactive and maintain wellness rather than being reactive and trying to put out fires when disease manifests in the body.

Cell Renewal is a Must to Stay Healthy

All life is maintained through the reproduction of cells in that cells are continually replaced when old cells die off. In other words, the body is in a constant state of self-renewal. Toxins are eliminated continually and consistently in a healthy body, which allows genuine healing to occur. As mentioned, the problem occurs when the body is constantly inundated with a stream of toxic material, making it difficult to keep up with elimination and allowing toxins to accumulate.

This slow poisoning has an effect on the body’s pH balance and all these poisons push the body into an acidic state, allowing disease to begin. Toxins and heavy metals must be removed in order to modify the body’s pH and bring it back to an alkaline state – back into Harmony and a High State of Vibration.

Some Obvious Signs that Your Body Could Benefit from a Detox:

  • Tiredness
  • Joint Pain
  • Weight Gain
  • Skin Issues
  • Foggy Brain
  • Constipation

If you feel that you may benefit from a detox you can begin by implementing the following into your daily life to start easing the load on your body, mind and spirit:

 Please don’t feel the need to introduce everything at once, choose what is possible for now.

  • Buy organic Fruit and Vegetables or better still, grow your own to reduce the toxic load (if consuming non organic products make the effort to rinse all fruit and vegetables in your kitchen sink filled with water and a cup of apple cider vinegar).
  • Increase the amount of raw food that you consume (I like to eat raw until 4pm) e.g. cold pressed juices, smoothies, salads, nuts and seeds
  • Reduce with the aim to eliminate all known toxins in your home that are found in your personal care, laundry, kitchen, bathroom and gardening products.
  • Try to get adequate sleep, move your body (walk, run, rebounding, yoga or whatever else tickles your fancy), drink plenty of clean water and eat lots of high water content foods.
  • Introduce the following household plants to absorb indoor pollutants: Garden Mum, Spider Plant, Dracaena, Ficus, Peace Lily, Boston Fern, Snake Plant/Mother-in-law’s Tongue, Bamboo Palm and Aloe Vera.

If you are interested in knowing more about how detoxing or how my services can help you with your specific symptoms/needs please feel free to contact Hawk Therapies Wellness Centre on 9331 0737 or email us at and I would be more than happy to chat to you about how I can support your wellness journey.

Introductory Offer:

To celebrate my commencement at Hawk Therapies Wellness Centre, we are offering the following specials for the month of May:


and a FREE 10-minute phone consultation to answer any questions and assess whether my style would be of value to you.


Looking forward to meeting you all soon,

Blessings and Kind Regards,

 Demi Tolikas

Naturopath and Wellness Consultant

Benefits of Yoga for Teenagers

Reasons why you should encourage your teen to engage in regular yoga practice:

The teenage years set the foundations of behaviours and habits leading into adulthood, therefore it is extremely important for teenagers to connect to themselves and become mindful of what is happening internally and externally, forming an awareness of the mind-body-soul connection. This blog will discuss some of the physical and mental benefits of yoga,how it can counter the stresses of teenage life, improve sleep and performance at school.

Physical Benefits:

Yoga-for-teen-02On a physical level, immense changes take place in the teenagers’ body’s chemistry and physiology, such as more activity in their chakras as they continue to develop. When imbalances in the chakras occur, the chemistry and hormones in the body are altered, often presenting as low energy, increased emotions, and mood swings. This in turn effects all aspects of their lives, from friendships to the ability to study and cope well at school, their self-esteem and self-image, and their general ability to move through life with ease and positivity.

Regular practice of yoga helps to balance the chakras, strengthening the soul and the spirit, and improving health, resulting in huge benefits for the mind and body. The physical component of yoga helps to strengthen and tone the body, increase flexibility (after sitting in a chair all day at school), assist with circulation, detoxify the body, promotes good posture and spinal health, among many other benefits.

Mental Benefits and School:

With a focus on the importance of breath, teenagers soon discover the correlation between correct deep breathing and the associated calmness in the body, which they can apply in all life situations if they are feeling stressed, worried or concerned. This in turn assists by reducing anxiety, depression and overall stress levels, thus further improving the health of the mind and body.

Regular yoga practice for teenagers promotes improved concentration and focus, better sleeping patterns, increased energy levels, and provides a strengthened internal perspective, helping self-image develop free of media and other cultural influences. Research has shown that students who practice regular yoga and meditation enjoy better recall and retention at school, perform better overall in exams, and are better equipped to handle the increasingly high demands of schoolwork during the teenage years. This practice assists with preserving energy levels so that they can better cope with other life areas and commitments away from school without feeling overwhelmed. The importance of maintaining a good balance of school, work, exercise and social connections cannot be understated.

Yoga and Meditation:

Our Thursday evening Teenage Yoga class runs for one hour and incorporates ten minutes of relaxation meditation which deeply assists this highly mentally active age group to completely detach from the busyness in their world, enabling them to self-connect and trust themselves whilst bringing their bodies down from a state of “fight or flight” to a clam and optimal state of “homeostasis.” It is from this place that the body activates its own innate healing process, strengthening the immune system, deterring colds, flu’s and allergies, regulating the digestive system, and eliminating the cocktail of chemicals that are released into the teens body during times of stress.

Sleeping Benefits:

It is common for teenagers to experience issues with their sleeping patterns such as broken sleep, inability to enter a deep sleep, and trouble switching off and falling to sleep; this is a huge issue as it effects their mental and physical health as well as their studies. Yoga and meditation help to alter the brainwave states making for a more effective night’s sleep and a more positive mood the following day.

Teenage yoga is highly recommended by many professionals as a great stress management program in addition to the many physical benefits that this physically sedentary group requires. No phones or texts, no iPads, laptops or Facebook, no beeps or notifications – absolutely no distractions, just one full hour of connecting to yourself, slowing your body and mind down through your breath, working your physical body and releasing stress and tension, creating a lasting state of balance for the week ahead!

So make a difference to the lives of the teenagers you know, share this link and be part of improving the well-being of future generations.


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