Corporate Stress Management

What is Corporate Stress Management?

Corporate Stress ManagmentCorporate Stress Management provides staff with many stress management tools and techniques that can easily and effectively be applied  in their working environment to better manage, reduce or eliminate stress.

Although not all workplace stress can be eliminated, these sessions are aimed at empowering staff to better manage themselves holistically to better deal with workplace demands.

These sessions teach staff the importance of correct breathing techniques, the strength of meditation to help sharpen focus, create intention and to remain in a calm state to optimize productivity, functioning, health and workplace relationships. It introduces the importance of emotional intelligence – using your emotions in a positive and constructive way to achieve success at work. Emotional intelligence is about communicating with others in ways that draw people to you, overcome differences of opinion, overcome previous negative feelings, and defuse tension and stress creating more energy for you. We also cover the power of the mind in achieving results, the subconscious v’s the conscious mind, the Fight or Flight response, presentism v’s absenteeism and  the importance of  recognizing the triggers before stress takes hold. These sessions are extremely empowering, effective and achieve results.

Lunch hour relaxation sessions also available incorporating, relaxation, meditation and chair yoga. Give your workplace the cutting edge, tailor a Corporate Stress Management session to your needs now!!!

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