Hawk Therapies runs the following workshops:

Meditation and Stress Management

Crystal Workshops

Working with Your Guides and Angels.

The Power of positivity in goal achievement

Improving your Health and Wellness- Mind, Body and Soul .


Crystal Workshops: These are full day workshops which include morning and afternoon tea , a bag of selected crystals to keep and a course manual. You will learn about the history of crystals, basic sacred geometry, crystals for healing, crystal meditation how to make crystal water, how to use a crystal pendulum, crystals for chakra balancing, qualities and uses of common crystals, crystals for protection against EMF’s, how to cleanse store activate program and charge your crystals and how to position crystals in your home or workplace as well as how to choose the right crystal for the right use. This is a very energizing day workshop which will raise your vibration and you will leave filled with positive energy as well as a wealth of knowledge.


Working with your Guides and Angels:

This workshop is a 4 hour workshop aimed to expand your awareness of what is around you to use for your own guidance. You will be taught how to meet your Spirit Guide  and your Angel guides via meditation and how to call your guides in to assist you each and every day on many levels. Learn the correct way to communicate with your guides, how to recognize messages and how to know they are there. You will be introduced to a range of Angels and Archangels and earn about their purpose and how they can help you. You will also enjoy  a private 10 minute Angel Card Reading reading and learn what messages your Angels have for you.


The Power of Positivity and Goal Achievement:

This workshop is extremely empowering as it is designed for you to rediscover your own innate power and to activate it to assist in goal achievement and everyday life. We explore the power of the mind, the importance of positive thoughts, words and  energy . We also explore the power of meditation in goal achievement and in creating a positive mindset while we examine the molecular changes in living things when surrounded by positive words and negative words. Perspective is introduced and you will learn just how to gain perspective to heal deal with issues, concerns and worries so that they are completely turned around. You will learn how to remain positive around negative people, family or colleagues and how to develop the ability to become an observer in life rather than a reactor. Learn how to make a vision board for goal achievement and how to create and use a positivity journal. The art of detachment , release , perspective and closure are a big part of this workshop.


Improving your Healh and Wellness – Mind, Body And Soul:

This workshop combines a mind, body and soul approach to improving health and wellbeing. Learn how your mind’s health can lead itself to illness and “dis-ease” and how many of societies current health epidemics are a direct result of stress. Learn how to avoid falling into this trap. Gain an understanding of how beneficial meditation is for your mind body and soul and experience an introduction to meditation for relaxation. Discover the effects of nutrition on your mind, body and soul and learn when and what to eat to boost your health and wellbeing. Learn about medicinal foods and healing foods to treat common ailments. The importance of reflection, connecting to yourself and disconnecting from the business of your day while still being a part of it! Practice some deep breathing techniques, positive affirmations and gentle chair yoga techniques to relieve stress and learn how to better identify your own triggers and signs that your health and wellness may be compromised.

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