Reiki with Crystals

This healing modality combines the healing benefits of Reiki (refer to previous Reiki tab) with the metaphysical healing and amplifying properties of crystals. As crystals are living creatures containing electrons, protons, and neutrons, their own crystalline lattice structure forms the crystals regular arrangement of molecules which can be activated for healing. Crystals are not solid and are continually vibrating like all physical matter around us. This vibration forms the crystals own energy, light and healing. When placed on certain positions on the body namely on and around chakras, the crystals vibration resonates and assists us with healing particular chakras on the body. As crystal frequencies come into contact with our auras, they have the ability to alter our vibrations in several ways. By raising our vibration from lower to higher, by shifting blockages, restoring energy flow, order and homeostasis as well as removing anything that may be pulling us down. Healing is often a matter of recovering our body’s innate harmony and energy flow by release what we are holding on to. Crystals are the perfect tool for activating this release in combination with the physical hands on healing of Reiki, this modality is a deeply blissful, healing and effective.

1 hour Reiki and Crystal Healing $85

1 hour & 15 minute Reiki and Crystal Healing Package $105

Reiki & Crystal Healing for children – add $10 to the cost of Reiki for Children.


“Gift Vouchers available for all services and packages”



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