Couple Meditation – Strengthening your connection

Couples Meditation

Couples Meditation- Reconnecting and strengthening your relationship
Couples Meditation- Reconnecting and strengthening your relationship


The beauty about meditation is that it can be adapted to suit whatever you are experiencing. The past few months has seen a rise in couples counselling at Hawk Therapies Wellness Centre. We have effectively delivered programs through Meditation, Holistic Counselling and Life Coaching to guide and empower couples to look beyond the circumstances to find balance and to restore their heart centres.

Couples meditation is a great way to combine your healing and to recreate a positive and loving energy as a couple. We all go through tough times and we can inadvertently pick up negative energy from another. However if we adapt a mindful  awareness of how we feel and what it is that we are reacting to, we are able to effectively disengage from the associated stress response, or at the very least reduce it. Applying a meditative approach is an excellent way to do so

Below is a simple and fun meditation by Isabelle Cunningham that you can practice with others. It works in a group but it is especially nice for couples to practice together.

Simply sit opposite your loved one and hold hands. Look into each others eyes and take turns of saying the following three statements.

(First person) I Am Happy I AM
(Second person) I Am Blessed I AM
(First person) I Am Fortunate I AM
(Second person) I Am Happy I AM
(First person) I Am Blessed I AM
(Second person) I Am Fortunate I AM

So the three statements are simply
I Am Happy I AM
I Am Blessed I AM
I Am Fortunate I AM
You just keep saying them in rounds, in that order, so that each person gets a chance to say each one of the statements.

You can even do this while you are taking a walk together.

It can become a trigger for you both if one or the other starts sliding into negativity. So that one partner will simply say “I Am Happy I AM” prompting their partner to reply with “I Am Blessed I AM” and so it goes!

This mantra helps us to focus and tune out of the minds ‘chatter’. It also uses very powerful statements to reprogram the brain with positive mindsets.

Do this mantra meditation as often as you can, together and alone. You could even teach your children to play it with you. Imagine driving along in the car and hearing your children chanting these beautiful words.

It is fun because you have to remember which statement you are up to when it is your turn (as there is a specific order.)

It is a beautiful way to share time with people you love and it has great psychological benefits.

It is also one of those things that gets stuck in your head and so you will find yourself chanting these beautiful life affirming words in all sorts of moments.

This meditation can also be practiced in a group where you go around the circle taking turns to say the statements in order.

I hope you have fun with it!


Jennifer Pizzicara

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