Meditation for Children/Pre-Schoolers/Teens

Pre- School Meditation – The impact of today’s face paced and rather stressful society is more and more evident on children, even preschoolers. Having run Meditation, Yoga and Relaxation programs for Kindergartens in the past, Hawk Therapies runs group sessions for preschoolers in various settings. How wonderful would the world be if children as young as 4 can grow up mastering the craft of Meditation and learn to deal with life’s curve balls with what is innately built in to each of us. What a calm and peaceful world it would be!!

Primary Meditation – This is run both in Primary schools and in small groups of Primary aged Children at the Hawk Therapies Studio. Visualization , Mindfulness and Guided Imagery plays a large role here and learning to still the mind and body provides children with deep rest allowing their mind and focus to return sharper, their immune system healthier and a level of calm that works to balance their entire being. Meditation also assists students with memory recall, listening and processing skills as well as providing increased focus and attention span which assists their learning greatly.

Meditation for Teenagers – These programs run in Secondary School Settings and in the Hawk Therapies Studio in smaller groups. Students learn a range of meditation styles, stress management, correct breathing technique, Fight or Flight response, the philosophy of the body in relation to mind chatter and stress as well as how to meditate for stress relief, to detach from drama (peer issues, social issues, relationships/friendships or society pressures) and how to use Meditation for Exams and Test Preparation to maximize results. Meditation for goal achievement is also explored. An invaluable skill to have particularly in the senior levels of secondary school.

Enquire about group sessions at your child’s Preschool, Kindergarten or School.


$12 preschoolers and primary school aged children

$15 teenagers

“Gift Vouchers available for all services and packages”



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