Total Lunar Eclipse July 28th

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Star gazer and meditators alike, prepare yourself for this Saturday’s Total Lunar Eclipse/ July full moon, it’s going to be a ripper!!! The July full moon, known as “Full Buck Moon” is estimated around 6.20am. The second and last total lunar eclipse for 2018 will be visible in large areas of Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. It will last a total of 103 minutes making it the longest Eclipse of the 21st Century! This July full moon is known as the “Full Buck Moon” because it is normally the month when the antlers of the Buck Deer push out of their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur. It has also been known as “Full Thunder Moon” because thunderstorms are most common during this time.

With Mars in Retrograde, Mars will have an extremely strong influence on this full moon. Mars is a powerful driving voice, its energy is masculine and very yang and usually very action-orientated and driven. However, with the combined influence of the Eclipse and Mars in retrograde, its effect could be explosive. Think of an exploding volcano overspilling with anger, impatience, frustration. Beware of exploding volcanoes close to you and within you during this time.  This eclipse is likely to be the “breaking point” or the “rubber band snapping” if it has been overstretched for far too long. Overstretched with emotions and repressed anger will bring the past into the present during this Eclipse. It may feel like the things you have repressed from the past are occurring right here and now and repressed feelings will come up to the surface in a frenzied rage. Be gentle with yourself, heal your deepest pains and hurts and transform yourself into a stronger, wiser, powerful and more balanced you. It is likely that repressed anger issues, repressed love issues and experiences of sexual violence may rear their ugly head to help lead you to the place you are travelling to.

This Lunar Eclipse will see an up rise of divine feminine energy. It will help to clear outdated labels and roles that may have adhered to women in the past to create a wonderful new energy of the Feminine which is rich in wisdom, intelligence, creativity transformation and newness. Perhaps we need to allow our Volcano to spill out to release the hot fiery lava that no longer serves us in order to have a fresh new start with reprogramming all that fills us. Key words here “that fills us”- not our female stereotype. Lunar Eclipses always provide a powerful opening for those who really want to transform and release deep-seated wounds from the past, and often the very past- past lives. Lunar Eclipses provide the power to help you move beyond your fears to address any negative patterns, behaviours and traits without you feeling vulnerable and incomplete. You will go beyond fear and step into your power to address these areas otherwise tucked away in an iddy biddy corner. The old shadow self gets addressing at long last! The best way to use the powerful transforming energy of an Eclipse is to Eclipse anything that may hold you back from achieving.

The energy of love will be prominent during this Lunar Eclipse due to the influence of Aquarius. The ability to love freely and unconditionally without an jealousy, spite or possessiveness will flow — just wholesome eternal love. No ego, just eternal love flooding humanity.  Take time to send love to those whom you may have previously judged, loved less or used your ego to inadvertently create a wedge between unconditional love, yourself and them. When we accept and love others for who they are and the decisions they make, we detach from perceived personal hurt, as we are removing ourselves from the picture by giving into our own ego and working from a place of unconditional love. A transcendence of Ego is what can be achieved during this time which will allow humanity to heal, grow and to continue to create perpetual love and healing. Love is the most divine healing force ever.

I urge you to use this Lunar Eclipse and Full moon this Saturday and feel its amazing force. Cleanse your home, your mind body and soul and watch how things will align. Take out your crystal wands and pieces and allow them to be cleansed and reprogrammed as well under this universal magic.

Jennifer Pizzicara

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