Meditation for Relaxation

These classes are designed  for participants to experience deep relaxation physically and mentally by being  guiding through how to unwind both their mind and body through Meditation.  The meditator is able to  access the  brainwave state called  “Theta” brainwaves where subconscious creativity and deep relaxation is accessed. During successful meditation, the meditator  typically begins in a high Beta (thinking) brainwave state, then experiences more Alpha, followed by more  Theta and finally Delta brainwave state. This creates a deep level of relaxation, rest and rejuvenation. After some time, this process is reversed and the meditator returns back to Beta brainwave state and begins to feel awake, refreshed and often returns with new insights, clarity, renewed energy and an overall  sense of calm.

In this class you will learn how to centre yourself, block out mind chatter and how to connect to deep inner stillness and peace whilst giving your body and mind a well deserved rest and rejuvenation. The importance of correct diaphragmatic breathing is taught throughout the classes as well as how to draw your energy back to detach from distraction and bring yourself into the now. Mindset and Perspective is a large part of these classes as is the power of thought and positive affirmations in stress Management. The styles of Meditation covered include  Mindfulness, Progressive Relaxation, Zen, Transcendental , Chakra, Mantra and Positive affirmation meditation.

Classes run weekly  for 1 hour of bliss and are booked in four weekly blocks.These classes help you to relax, release stress and tension  helping you to  feel renewed. Best of all, Meditation is an invaluable life skill you will use  to help benefit you throughout your life journey


$12 pensioners & concession

$15 adult

Bookings are essential.

“Gift Vouchers available for all services and packages”



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