Sound Healing Meditation

Vibrational Sound Healing Meditation creates a deeper state of consciousness while balancing your chakras within the body where blocked energy maybe stored . The combination of the meditation and sound from instruments and voice amalgamate to create a calming state of mind whilst relaxing your body and  soul  as the sounds harmoniously flow into your being .

Songs are channelled from the soul and hauntingly delivered and supported by crystal singing bowls which resonate with each chakra. Other instruments include Tibetan bowls, Drums, Flute, Tibetan Gongs, Rain sticks, Gasgon and bells.

As your being drifts into deep restful meditation, your body is then freed to absorb the vibrational sound and clearing resulting in a healing. This results in feeling peacefully balanced as blockages are gently shifted from your Chakras via the vibration, bringing you closer to the real you, your higher self. Reaching this place allows us to free ourselves from that which may have previously held us back from travelling along our true path on our life journey.

Sound Healing Meditation is definitely a modality that everyone should experience.

Sound Healing Meditation runs for 1 hour on selected Monday evenings usually fortnightly.

Please refer to class bookings section to book your place

Cost is $20 per session, bookings are essential




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