Crystal Light Healing

Crystal Light Healing is a profound healing which combines Sacred Geometry, Crystals, Hands on Healing, Intuitive Healing and sometimes includes Sound Healing. It allows for clients to open up energetically to fully realise and release what may be holding them back from being where they need to be in this lifetime.

Often, this healing assists clients to gaining a greater understanding of their purpose here on this plane, their purpose on a personal level and a soul level and therefore clients can finally begin to understand their true being allowing them to become one with themselves.

This modality can also release built up stress and anxiety for which often a cause cannot be pinpointed. With the amazing benefits, amplification of energy from the crystals and the healing powers of selected crystals including Ancient Atlantis and Lemurian Crystals, this healing is a truly transforming and deeply relaxing experience as it releases the many layers that may have been weighing you down. Working on the Chakra system alignment, crystals are selected and placed on the main chakras as well as in other areas of your body and energy field. Working on your auric field, your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual filed, Crystal Light Healing can result in  freeing you to enjoy the flow of life with ease.

The practitioner can also suggest several crystals that may work well with your body helping to continue and promote further healing and balance in your life. Following the healing, the practitioner will discuss briefly the findings of the healing and recommend ways in which small changes in your life may aid your healing and ascension.

Duration: 75 minutes

Cost: $95

“Gift Vouchers available for all services and packages”



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