Weight Management Meditation

If you have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight and diets and pills are simply just not working, then this is for you. This unique approach to weight loss is the key to unlocking what has preventing you from achieving long term success with your weight goals. Meditation effectively serves to retrain the brain and helps to remove erroneous belief systems that may be responsible for your present weight situation. A holistic approach to self is not about addressing the issue alone, but rather about discovering the many parts of your being that once connected allow you to live in oneness with yourself – to truly be you! Empower yourself today!

Transform who you are not just the way you look with Weight Management Meditation!

In this 6 week workshop, you will not only learn how to better manage the functioning of your body to lose weight naturally but you will also learn a positive and healthy way of life- not a fad diet!

  • Learn how the physiology of the body can assist you in losing and maintaining weight.
  • Discover how stress can lead to weight gain and how you can reverse this to assist with weight loss.
  • Investigate the patterns in your life that may be contributing to an inability to lose weight and learn how to rid yourself of these patterns
  • Learn how Meditation can unlock the secrets to regulating glucose production to avoid it being stored as fat.
  • Experience the relaxation and stress free approach to weight loss through meditation, stress management tools and techniques.
  • Understand and recognize your triggers, both inwardly and outwardly and learn how to naturally address them before they take hold.

This workshop will strengthen your personal power, you s will power, your confidence, your belief in yourself and your ability to succeed in long term positive weight management. Don’t be put off if you have tried to lose weight before and not succeeded. A Meditation Therapy approach to weight loss is a holistic approach to succeeding with your weight management goals and your life goals in general. It will become a way of life allowing many more positive aspects of your life to flow with ease.

Workshops runs once a week either during the day or during the evening for six consecutive weeks at The Hawk Therapies Studio . Private sessions also available.

The cost is $180 for the six weeks/ $30 per session which includes mentoring in-between sessions.

“Gift Vouchers available for all services and packages”



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