Crystal Workshops for Kids

At Hawk Therapies Wellness Centre we offer specialised crystal workshops for children and teens. These workshops are grouped by age, as below, and progress from Level 1 upwards as your child’s interest and knowledge grows.

  • Crystal Workshop for Children 7-12 yrs
  • Crystal Workshop for Teens 13-18 yrs

HawkTherapies-062Children have a natural affinity to crystals and are excellent at sensing, feeling and knowing which crystal is right for them. In recent years, we are meeting more and more children who are attracted to crystals, their healing energies , their calming energies and their ability to connect to the child’s soul. These children are our “Crystal Children” who are equipped in their current life journey with the innate need to reenergise their bodies and minds with the gentle qualities of crystals.

Whether it be a fascination for crystals, a deep curiosity or a natural attraction to crystals, this workshop will certainly educate your child’s mind on the many many wonderful abilities of crystals. Crystals can be especially helpful for children that find it difficult to calm down, to focus, to sleep or to deal with emotions are reaching out for crystals to bring them home to where they need to be. Wearing crystal necklaces, rings, bracelets and other pieces of jewellery is not only highly beneficial for children on many levels but is now highly fashionable as well.

This workshop provides an opportunity for children to discover more about crystals from a personal level to a metaphysical level such as :

  • hawk therapies crystal heartsLearning about where crystals come from
  • How Crystals are formed
  • What crystals are made from.
  • Learn some scientific study of crystals
  • Crystal properties of popular crystals
  • How to correctly choose, store and look after your crystals
  • How to use crystals to assist with sleeping, studying, facing fears, anxiety, to control emotions , understand our feelings and to help the way we feel while connecting to our inner centre
  • How to meditate and use crystals
  • Learn how to play crystal card games.


These workshops are a great fun filled way to fill in time over school holidays and meet new like minded friends. Children are welcome to bring their own Crystals with them to discuss with the group while learning from others. Each child will receive a bag of crystals to take home and a crystal wand for each child to make and take home as well as crystal information sheets to refer back to, all included withing the price making this workshop exceptional value!

We are conveniently located just a few minutes drive from local cafes, restaurants, Milleara Mall and Highpoint Shopping Centre should parents wish to wait nearby.tumbled_stones

Duration: 3 hrs

Price: $40


“Gift Vouchers available for all services and packages”



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