Meditation – Private, Couples, Family

These tailor made sessions are designed around your particular needs and goals and are specific to you and the others who may be joining you in the Meditation. The Meditation teacher will contact you prior to the session to ascertain your experience in meditation(if any),what you would like to achieve from the session and what you would like to project and manifest through the session. From this information, the Meditation teacher will write your specific meditation which is also available for  you to purchase and use at home as often as you wish or for as long as you need.

Often individuals, couples or families may go through circumstances and issues together regardless of whether the circumstances affect them directly or indirectly, on a spiritual level it may still negatively impact their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well as their energy. Over time, this can have an effect on many aspects of life inevitably causing them to be without positive energy, balance and happiness and may also prevent the positive flow energy . Meditation can assist correct this by bringing back balance, removing blockages, finding closure, healing, releasing and bonding energetically . During Meditation we connect to our true self and allow ourselves to be with our emotions and thoughts without judgement which can often lead to forgiveness, acceptance and direction. From this place, we can  overcome obstacles collectively or on a personal level.

Sessions run for one hour and include meditation, assessment, sound healing, chakra balancing including 10 minutes of Holistic Counselling to close the session

These sessions are suitable for beginners, advanced and avid meditators.


Private: $65

Couples: $80

Family: $95

Meditation recordings: $15

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