We are very excited to announce that as of May 14th 2018 we will be adding Tarot Card Readings to our available services. Available as a stand alone reading, or in combination with our other services, for more information, see details below.

What Is Tarot?Tarot Card Readings

Tarot has long been used as a divination tool helping many to gain a deeper understanding not only of themselves, but of their shadow self also. The unconscious parts that are buried deep within us give rise to our limiting beliefs, our fears and apprehensions, behaviours, emotions, our spiritual development, our relationships, careers, talents, struggles, and all the missing pieces that fit into that giant puzzle we call “life”.

By providing clearer direction, deeper understanding and an open awareness, Tarot can really assist us when we feel we are at a crossroads in our life, be it love, relationships, Mother/Fatherhood, spirituality, friendships, life purpose, happiness, health, wellbeing, work/career, parenting, stress management any much more.

Tarot Combinations:

Tarot Psychic readings can be added onto any current service/modality at Hawk Therapies such as Reiki Healing, Holistic Counselling, LIfe Coaching, Intuiative Healing, Chakra balancing, Astrology for the Soul, Crystal Light healing etc.

Tarot Reading with Astrology for the Soul – 

In this session, following the tarot reading, we will use astrology to explore what your birth chart and the lunar nodes (i.e. the North Node and South Node, which are directly opposite each other in the chart) can tell us about your destiny and ultimate life lessons, as it is within these lunar nodes that your life purpose is encoded. This will include an overview, attributes to develop, tendencies to leave behind, what you really want, talents/profession, healing affirmations specifically for your North Node, personality, needs, relationships, goals, healing theme song, and  the Achilles’ Heel/trap to avoid/The Bottom Line which represents your karmic path and the lessons you came here to learn as well as the South Node which reveals the challenges and gifts we bring in from previous lifetimes.

Tarot Reading with Reiki Package – 

Reiki channels energy through touch to activate the natural healing processes of the body to restore physical and emotional well-being. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese words Rei, meaning “God’s Wisdom” or “the Higher Power”, and Ki, “life force energy”, combined, Reiki means “spiritually guided life force energy.” It works holistically on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual, and is applied through non-invasive gentle touch on or above the bodies main Chakra centers.


  • 20 min Tarot Reading: $30
  • 40 min Tarot Reading: $60
  • 60 min Tarot Reading: $90


  • 20 min Tarot Reading with 30 min Astrology for the Soul: $80
  • 20 min Tarot Reading with 40 min DoTerra Aroma-touch Treatment: $90
  • 20 min Tarot Reading with 45 min Reiki Healing: $105
  • 20 min Tarot Reading with 40 min Holistic Counselling: $95
  • 40 min Tarot Reading with 30 min Reiki Healing: $100
  • 40 min Tarot Reading with 30 min Astrology for the Soul: $100
  • 60 min Tarot Reading with 30 min Reiki Healing: $120
  • 60 min Tarot Reading with 30 min Chakra Balancing: $120

If you would like to add a Tarot Reading onto a modality not listed above, please enquire via email.

Please note: duration’s cannot be split between between clients, you are welcome to bring a friend for back to back bookings.

Tarot Readings via telephone or Skype may be available upon request, for more information, availablity and pricing, please contact us.


Gift vouchers are also available for Tarot Readings and other services.

Please send your enquiries through the Enquire Now button, contact form or via email (info@hawktherapies.com.au)

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