Empaths Seminar

Do you often find yourself taking on the mood or emotions of those around you? Do you feel the need to help and solve other people’s problems, often putting your own needs aside to do so? Do you feel overwhelmed or drained after being around people or large crowds? Do you feel like you are experiencing higher stress levels than those around you? When people you care about are unwell, do you notice similar symptoms in yourself or feel unsettled?

You might be an Empath.

What is an Empath?

Empaths are extremely intuitive people, especially when it comes to the emotions and energies of others, and while this makes them incredibly warm and compassionate people, creative problem solvers and great listeners, with a strong desire to help those around them, it can also take a toll on their own physical and emotional wellbeing.

Why do Empaths feel low in energy?

Empaths pick up on the emotions and moods of others and adopt them as their own, often without knowing, finding themselves influenced by positive and negative energies alike. They are often so weighed down by the feelings of another that they ignore their own needs, bottle up emotions or build barriers to protect themselves, and as such can find it very difficult to manage their own thoughts and feelings, experience mood swings and uncharacteristic behaviours.

Empathetic Children

Children are often the most intuitive of us all, they experience emotions with a greater intensity, but often do not understand why they are feeling something so strongly. With the number of empathetic children continually rising, we need to ask ourselves how we, as parents, can help them to better understand and cope with their experiences.

The Seminar

This seminar will look at why and how empaths experience life differently and what we can do to better manage and protect ourselves from taking on the negative energies of others through techniques like positive communication and protecting your energy field. We will explore what it means to be an empath, traits of an empath, and how this impacts our stress levels, emotional life, relationships, happiness, and general health and wellbeing. This is also a great opportunity for parents with empathetic children to learn more about how their child experiences the world and what they can do to help them navigate it safely and with ease. Have a chance to connect with likeminded people and families by sharing in a cuppa and a chat at the end of the session

Date:   17 May 2017              Time: 7.15-9.30 pm               Cost: $30

Places are strictly limited and bookings essential. Email info@hawktherapies.com.au to secure your place in this incredibly informative session.