Esoteric Space Clearing

Often there is a feeling of heaviness, lack of energy and a string of negative events that occur in a home or workplace. People cannot pinpoint why they are depleted of energy, why things seem to keep going wrong or why occupants of the dwelling or workplace appear hostile, difficult to deal with and generally appear to be adding to the already negative energy flow.

Esoteric Space Clearing is an ancient and sacred art used by the Native American Indians, Hawaiian Kahunas, Aborigines and various Shamanic, spiritual and earth based traditions. Almost all cultures and traditions use a form of space cleansing whether it be in the form of a blessing, a clearing, a spring cleaning or a celebration. Ancient civilizations and tribes such as Aborigines have used smoke and the burning of natural herbs and native plants as a space cleansing in many rituals and ceremonies.

Esoteric Space Clearing clears out the old energies and makes room for positive new energy. Everything that happens in a home or building is energetically recorded in the walls, floors, furniture and objects of the space and it affects us in profound ways. The energy of the previous occupants can remain in the building and can affect your energy, your happiness and your overall being to the point where “dis-ease” may eventually develop. Mental and emotional energies, disembodied beings and other energetic entities can gather in this environment further adding to the negativity. This energy remembers past events, especially emotionally charged ones and can continue to produce a negative influence on those who occupy the space.

Esoteric Space Cleansing is best described as a type of spiritual spring cleaning for your home or living environment. A build-up of stagnant or negative energy in a home or office can give rise  to a series of negative events, issues and circumstances that can prevent our lives from flowing with peace, ease and happiness.

Energy is a powerful thing and emotions and events from our daily life and from those we come into contact with can be stored in our homes as negative energy. Once this builds up, the energy flow becomes stagnant and can result in a general feeling of malice, unhappiness , relationship issues, electrical interference and breaking down of electrical appliances, sleeping issues, financial issues, disharmony amongst family members, friendship issues as well as health issues and depression.

Using a combination of Smudging, Energy Healing, Tibetan Music Bowls and Reiki, we can effectively shift negative energy by purifying your home or building , making way for new and fresh energy and a new beginning in your space. An Esoteric Space Clearing will provide a sense of balance, peace and harmony into your home, office , workplace.

“Prices begin at $100 depending on your location and the size of your home/office” . Contact Hawk Therapies for an individual quote.

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